Can You Be a Real Estate Investor?
Can You Be A Real Estate Investor?

You need no special qualification or financial certifications to invest in real estate. One can buy homes, mobile home parks, purchase notes or become a real estate agent or developer or a foreclosure professional. There are so many ways to do it. All investors have one thing in common – thirst for high returns. Often people think that they are crazy and risk takers.
All these craziness actually bear some serious signs that say you can be a real estate investor.
You find a money-making opportunity even in a home with an overrun lawn.
If someone offers you to sell the Brooklyn Bridge (given they clear title); you get damn serious about it.
Though you have only one mortgage on your main residence, you have spend in different ways to acquire more property mortgages and financing.
You think every piece of land is a good deal – only if the price is right.
You can identify when a bad renter is falsifying on their lease application.
Even if a tenant is being truthful about his bad credit and says he always pay the rent on time, you can still refuse him looking into his eyes.
You avoid tenant who cannot afford to pay the rental deposits.
Cash-on-cash return, cap rate, return on investment, etc; such terms hold great significance to you.
While others think you're bankrupt, in papers you are actually a multi-millionaire.
You are aware that real estate is an industry that can bring both riches as well as insolvency.
You can even tell the price of 30-yard dumpster (without a quote).
You spend more on purchasing property than anything else.
Staff of your neighborhood home improvement store know you by name.
You are afraid of mice, rats, ants, bed bug – you can't stand them until all are evicted out of your property.
No matter what the real estate agent say, you understand a cash flow is more important than any other return when it comes to investment.
You have already planned to quit your job once you achieved the real estate milestone that you have set for yourself.
You don't get impressed by a 5% cash-on-cash investment. You know it's a sure way to get busted.
Did you experience any such thing yet? If yes, then probably there is a genius real estate investor hidden inside you.